Playful, colorful, and fully customizable, these laser cut paper bookmarks are easy and inexpensive to create with your Epilog Laser system.

Here we used the laser to cut patterns and shapes from multiple pieces of cardstock and then layered them for a final product that has depth and dimension. These would be great sellers at craft fairs, bookstores, libraries, schools, and more!

Read on to learn how to create your own multi-layered paper bookmarks.

Télécharger des motifs

Matériel nécessaire

We used a Fusion Pro 48 120w:

Papier cartonné

Vector - Speed: 80% // Power: 20% // Frequency: 25%

Step 1: Prepare the Artwork

Download the vector files and adjust the artwork accordingly. Our artwork is set up for 2” x 5” bookmarks. You may need to change the dimensions or rotate your artwork to fit your needs.


Step 2: Prepare Your Material

Place the cardstock paper on the vector table in your machine, and use the manual focus gauge to focus the table.

Placing cardstock paper in laser machine

Step 3: Cut your Paper Bookmarks

Once you've customized your graphics and the table is focused, send the job to the laser and press Go!

Laser cutting yellow paper cardstock

Step 4: Assemble Your Bookmarks

Once the job has completed, apply adhesive to your layers and then assemble them. Loop the bookmark tassel through the hole at the top and you’re done!

Assembling laser cut bookmarks
Assembling laser cut bookmarks
Laser cut paper bookmarks

Where can you sell laser cut paper bookmarks?

  • Librairies
  • Bibliothèques
  • Collectes de fonds scolaires
  • Foires artisanales

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